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Find your Center with Massage

Posted on: November 20th, 2013 by CFBW No Comments

Learn what it feels like to be centered, to be balanced.  Learn what it feels like to be off center.  Learn to tell the difference.  Then, learn to come back to center as quickly as possible.  Let me guide you on this journey through massage.  Quiet.  Relaxed.  Feeling right about  what you’re doing.  On track.   In harmony.  At peace.  In balance.  No turbulent emotions racing through you and your body.

No disorganized thoughts clamoring through your head.  Your body feels aligned, and and you feel connected to it.  What you do and say comes from your center.  It feels right and honest.  It feels like you, and you feel connected to yourself, your deepest self, your soul.  Your heart is open.  And so is your mind.  That’s the place from which we’re seeking to live our lives.  Find a way to get to that place, then go there often.  I can help you along your journey with Massage.

Call today and schedule time for your experience in massage.   585-284-6685


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Candles and stones in a calm zen spa environment.As our weather begins to change and the colder air moves in.  Our muscles begin to contract and clench.  They maybe telling you it’s time for you to book your 90 minutes Hot Stone Massage.

Come into a dimly lit room with scents of peppermint and lemongrass and relax on my heated massage table.  Close your eyes and listen to the sounds of music promising to put your mind at ease.  As I walk into the room, I will ground you with some long slow deep breathes in and out and allowing you to let go of your stresses of the day.  As you continue this journey in relaxation, I will begin warming your feet with heated stones between your toes and wrap your feet in warm towels and an additional stone for each foot.  I will place stone along each side of your spine, and rest on on your heart and stomach.

I will continue your massage with heated stones.  Starting with your face and neck, than your hands and arm, and moving down to your legs and feet.


We’re Moving!

Posted on: December 3rd, 2012 by CFBW No Comments

Dear Clients/Friends,


I hope this letter finds each of you healthy and happy going into the holiday season.  My newsletter is to inform you that I am moving to 1171 Titus Ave. as of January 1,2013.  As many of you know I have love my current location, but lately it’s been difficult maintaining practitioners to share such a large space with me.  So with much thought I have decided to relocate my personnel business down the road.


I am very excited to do what I love the most and that is being a massage therapistJ  My phone numbers will all stay the same.  As far as for gift certificates I will be the only one who will  honor them for massage only.  The name of the center will stay as is, but the focus on the center will be on you and not a building.  I am very fortunate to have been a part of a beautiful business for over 5 years and thank each one of you for being so supportive.


As the holidays approach, I will still be selling gift certificates for your friends and family.  You can stop by at 1355 Titus Ave. and pick one or two up, or call and order them.  I will also be offering them online.


Massage Services being offered:

* Swedish

* Deep Tissue

* Couples

* Pregnancy

* Hot Stone

* Reiki


As always I look forward to seeing you soon!  Office number 266-6730 and my cell 284-6685.